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Parent Support Group

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Passionate parents from the Tao Nan School (TNS) Parents Support Group (PSG) collaborate with the school to play a supportive role. TNS PSG endeavours to be the channel for the school and the parents to come together, to make Tao Nan a better place for our children.

PSG comprises of parent volunteers whose children are currently studying in Tao Nan. PSG provides daily support to the school in areas such as recess and library duty, and co-organize events and workshops such as International Friendship Day and Racial Harmony Day. We collaborate with the school to facilitate classroom art appreciation lessons via the Art Outreach program, and act as chaperones for field trips.

PSG also actively supports FamilyMatters@School and the Dads for Life movement by organizing workshops and events to equip parents with skills to nurture positive family relationships, and fun-filled activities to strengthen family bonds.

For more information, please go to the TNS PSG Facebook page at fb.com/groups/taonanpsg.

You can also email us at psgtns@gmail.com

Parental Involvement and Support

Volunteering @ TNS

A very warm welcome to you from the Tao Nan School (TNS) Parent Support Group (PSG) family!

The Tao Nan School Parent Support Group (TNS PSG) consists of parents from diverse backgrounds with one common goal: to help TNS in its mission to nurture our children to their fullest potential. Together with your invaluable contribution in the following areas, we can accomplish this. We trust you will find volunteering in TNS an enriching and fun-filled experience.

You can volunteer for Daily Duties, Art Explorer Programme (AE), Ad Hoc Programmes including Dads for Life, or as a Parent Class Representative (PCR).

Please take a moment to indicate your interest and preference in the online form https://tinyurl.com/TNSPSGNEWPV

Daily Duties

PSG supports the school in these areas: Library, Recess and Language & Literacy support for pupils. Parents who are proficient in English should consider availing themselves and provide support to pupils who enter Primary 1 & 2 with weak English language and literacy skills.

Art Explorer Programme

Art Explorer (AE) is an in-house education programme that is designed around the academic curriculum and aims to expose students to the world of art and promote visual literacy. You need not be trained in art as training in both pedagogy and content for art portfolio will be provided.

Ad Hoc Duties

Parents with work commitments can opt to volunteer at some of these ad hoc programmes that run throughout the year. We specially invite TNS fathers to join us in planning Dads for Life programmes.

Chinese New Year Green Week Mid-Autumn Festival Racial Harmony Day
Dads for Life English Week Anti Cyber bullying P6 Amazing Race

Parent Class Representative (PCR)

The PCR system was initiated by TNS PSG in 2006. The PCR and Assistant PCR(s) play an important role by connecting with other parents in the class for events’ support and information dissemination.

We invite you to join our TNS PSG facebook group at fb.com/groups/taonanpsg to be informed on events for you and your family. You can also email psgtns@gmail.com for more information. We look forward to your favourable response and active participation.

Workshops and Events for Parents

Please join us on our TNS PSG facebook group at fb.com/groups/taonanpsg to be kept informed of the latest workshops and events for the various levels.

Alternatively, you may sign up as a Parent Volunteer to support these activities, and be involved in planning or running these workshops and events. Please indicate your interest and preference in the online form http://tinyurl.com/TNS-PSG.