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Teaching Staff

1 Mdm Amy- Helmiaty Binte Mohamad Amin helmiaty_mohamad_amin@moe.edu.sg
2 Mdm Ang Sio Hoon [洪小芬] ang_sio_hoon@moe.edu.sg
3 Mdm Charmaine Wong Seen May wong_seen_may@moe.edu.sg
4 Mdm Cheah Li Wei [谢俐蔚] cheah_li_wei@moe.edu.sg
5 Mdm Chen Jing Ying (FAJT) chen_jing_ying@moe.edu.sg
6 Mdm Chng Pau Ling Beatrice chng_pau_ling_beatrice@moe.edu.sg
7 Mdm Choo Huiyun [朱慧云] choo_huiyun@moe.edu.sg
8 Mdm Choo Kay Ngee choo_kay_ngee@moe.edu.sg
9 Mdm Chow Yuen Meng Jaclyn low-chow_yuen_meng_jaclyn@moe.edu.sg
10 Mdm Chua Pei Boon [蔡佩雯] (FAJT) chua_pei_boon@moe.edu.sg
11 Mdm Clare Li Xunzi [李勋子] clare_li_xunzi@moe.edu.sg
12 Mdm Feng Jie [冯 洁] feng_jie@moe.edu.sg
13 Mdm Gloria Poon Mui Geok gloria_poon_mui_geok@moe.edu.sg
14 Mdm Gwee Bock Lan Lena gwee_bock_lan_lena@moe.edu.sg
15 Mdm Han Huiwen Adeline han_huiwen_adeline@moe.edu.sg
16 Mdm Hoon Poh Nguak Patsy hoon_poh_nguak_patsy@moe.edu.sg
17 Mdm How Hooi Bing how_hooi_bing@moe.edu.sg
18 Mdm Hu Yuxia [胡玉侠] hu_yuxia@moe.edu.sg
19 Mdm Koh Xin Rui Eleora koh_xin_rui@moe.edu.sg
20 Mdm Lau Ying Xi [刘颖熹] lau_ying_xi@moe.edu.sg
21 Mdm Lee Seok Joo lee_seok_joo@moe.edu.sg
22 Mdm Lee Yin Ling Jasmine lee_yin_ling_jasmine@moe.edu.sg
23 Mdm Leong Siok Yin Jocelyn leong_siok_yin@moe.edu.sg
24 Mdm Lim Chii Huey [林绮惠] lim_chii_huey@moe.edu.sg
25 Mdm Lim Lay Choo Tina lim_lay_choo_tina@moe.edu.sg
26 Mdm Liu Lee Choo Sharon liu_lee_choo_sharon@moe.edu.sg
27 Mdm Liu Ying [刘莹] liu_ying_d@moe.edu.sg
28 Mdm Looi Yen Mei Wendy looi_yen_mei_wendy@moe.edu.sg
29 Mdm Ma Lin [马 琳] ma_lin@moe.edu.sg
30 Mdm Moi Mei Kuen moi_mei_kuen@moe.edu.sg
31 Mdm Nadiah Binte Abdul Khalik nadiah_abdul_khalik@moe.edu.sg
32 Mdm Ng Li Min Janice ng_li_min_janice@moe.edu.sg
33 Mdm Noorlailee Bte Mohd Jusin noorlailee_mohd_jusin@moe.edu.sg
34 Mdm Noraini Binte Mohamed Ali noraini_mohamed_ali@moe.edu.sg
35 Mdm Norhayati Binte Ibrahim norhayati_ibrahim@moe.edu.sg
36 Mdm Nur Rasheeda Bte Mohd Ismail nur_rasheeda_mohd_ismail@moe.edu.sg
37 Mdm Nur Yusrina Yaakob nur_yusrina_yaakob@moe.edu.sg
38 Mdm Nurazimah Binte Ab Rahman nurazimah_ab_rahman@moe.edu.sg
39 Mdm Ong Wee Wah [王维华] ong_wee_wah@moe.edu.sg
40 Mdm Phua Mei Yan [潘美燕] phua_mei_yan@moe.edu.sg
41 Mdm Samantha Evon Chia Chin Mei [谢静美] samantha_evon_chia@moe.edu.sg
42 Mdm Shahadatunisa d/o M M Noorddin shahadatunisa_m_m_noorddin@moe.edu.sg
43 Mdm Siti Awalliah Bte Amin siti_awalliah_amin@moe.edu.sg
44 Mdm Siti Nurfarah Binte Mohamed R Z siti_nurfarah_mohamed_r@moe.edu.sg
45 Mdm Soh Shihui [苏诗惠] soh_shihui@moe.edu.sg
46 Mdm Soo Pei Chih [苏佩琪] soo_pei_chih@moe.edu.sg
47 Mdm Suhaidah Bte Mokhtar suhaidah_mokhtar@moe.edu.sg
48 Mdm Sun Li (FAJT) sun_li_a@moe.edu.sg
49 Mdm Tai Chi Hui [戴芷慧] tai_chi_hui@moe.edu.sg
50 Mdm Tan Chiew Yen tan_chiew_yen@moe.edu.sg
51 Mdm Tan Hui Hoon tan_hui_hoon@moe.edu.sg
52 Mdm Tan Kime Huey Doreen tan_kime_huey_doreen@moe.edu.sg
53 Mdm Tan Li Shih tan_li_shih@moe.edu.sg
54 Mdm Tan Meng Hong tan_meng_hong@moe.edu.sg
55 Mdm Tan Peng Gek [陈萍玉] tan_peng_gek@moe.edu.sg
56 Mdm Tan Seow Yun tan_seow_yun@moe.edu.sg
57 Mdm Tan Su Ling Violet tan_su_ling_violet@moe.edu.sg
58 Mdm Tan Yew Li Yang Sharon sharon_tan_yew@moe.edu.sg
59 Mdm Thio Lay Lay thio_lay_lay@moe.edu.sg
60 Mdm Thong Jia Sui Jessica thong_jia_sui_jessica@moe.edu.sg
61 Mdm Wan Xifei [万希飞] wan_xifei@moe.edu.sg
62 Mdm Wang Binxin wang_binxin@moe.edu.sg
63 Mdm Wee Kai Jee [黄开利] wee_kai_jee@moe.edu.sg
64 Mdm Woo Jenny [邬燕妮] woo_jenny@moe.edu.sg
65 Mdm Wu Yun [吴赟] wu_yun@moe.edu.sg
66 Mdm Xu Yizhen Evelyn xu_yizhen_evelyn@moe.edu.sg
67 Mdm Yang Xiaojuan [杨晓娟] yang_xiaojuan_a@moe.edu.sg
68 Mdm Zahidah Binte Osman zahidah_osman@moe.edu.sg
69 Mdm Zhao Ang [赵昂] zhao_ang@moe.edu.sg
70 Mdm Zhao Yanfen [赵艳芬] zhao_yan_fen@moe.edu.sg
71 Mdm Zheng Liangneng [郑良能] zheng_liangneng@moe.edu.sg
72 Miss Adeline Ong Hui En adeline_ong_hui_en@moe.edu.sg
73 Miss Ang Bee Lian [洪美莲] ang_bee_lian_b@moe.edu.sg
74 Miss Avneesh Kaur avneesh_kaur@moe.edu.sg
75 Miss Chee Pey Yi [纪佩妤] chee_pey_yi@moe.edu.sg
76 Miss Chee Siok Tuan Janice chee_siok_tuan@moe.edu.sg
77 Miss Chia Jie Wei chia_jie_wei@moe.edu.sg
78 Miss Fathin Ha Sya-Syah Binte Suhadak fathin_ha_sya-syah_suhadak@moe.edu.sg
79 Miss Goh Lay Kian [吴丽娟] goh_lay_kian@moe.edu.sg
80 Miss Heng Boon Lih heng_boon_lih@moe.edu.sg
81 Miss Jessilin Khee Shi Lin jessilin_khee_shi_lin@moe.edu.sg
82 Miss Lam May Fong lam_may_fong@moe.edu.sg
83 Miss Lee Pei Sze Ivy lee_pei_sze_a@moe.edu.sg
84 Miss Leong Lye Ching leong_lye_ching@moe.edu.sg
85 Miss Lim Ying Xuan lim_ying_xuan_a@moe.edu.sg
86 Miss Meitri Harshad Parikh meitri_parikh@moe.edu.sg
87 Miss Neo Lay Peng [梁丽萍] neo_lay_peng@moe.edu.sg
88 Miss Ng Lay Kuan ng_lay_kuan_a@moe.edu.sg
89 Miss Ng Lui Kiang [黄蕊坚] ng_lui_kiang@moe.edu.sg
90 Miss Ng Shao Chui Delisa ng_shao_chui@moe.edu.sg
91 Miss Ngoh Siew Teng ngoh_siew_teng@moe.edu.sg
92 Miss Nur Iffah Zakiah Binte Mohd Said nuriffah_zakiah_mohd_said@moe.edu.sg
93 Miss Poh Cheng Yee [傅静瑜] poh_cheng_yee@moe.edu.sg
94 Miss Praise Teo Hwee Leng praise_teo_hwee_leng@moe.edu.sg
95 Miss Tan Hui Khoon tan_hui_khoon@moe.edu.sg
96 Miss Tan Hwee Jing tan_hwee_jing@moe.edu.sg
97 Miss Tan Yen Ping Gina [陈燕萍] tan_yen_ping_gina@moe.edu.sg
98 Miss Teo Ruolan Lauren [张若岚] teo_ruolan_lauren@moe.edu.sg
99 Miss Vaswani Deepa Hiro vaswani_deepa_hiro@moe.edu.sg
100 Miss Yeo Tyze Feng [杨芝芬] yeo_tyze_feng@moe.edu.sg
101 Miss Yick Fang Ru yick_fang_ru@moe.edu.sg
102 Mr Aameer Bin Hassim aameer_hassim@moe.edu.sg
103 Mr Ang Chee Yong ang_chee_yong_a@moe.edu.sg
104 Mr Ang Thiam Poh [翁添保] ang_thiam_poh@moe.edu.sg
105 Mr Chan Yi Jun James james_chan_yi_jun@moe.edu.sg
106 Mr Cher Boon Kiat Augustine cher_boon_kiat_augustine@moe.edu.sg
107 Mr Chong Zhi Howe Kenneth chong_zhi_howe_kenneth@moe.edu.sg
108 Mr Dominic Nyi Nyi Htut dominic_nyi_nyi_htut@moe.edu.sg
109 Mr Kew Wong Yip [丘旺业] kew_wong_yip@moe.edu.sg
110 Mr Lim Hoe Seng Francis lim_hoe_seng_francis@moe.edu.sg
111 Mr Lim Hon Shin Clifton lim_hon_shin_clifton@moe.edu.sg
112 Mr Lim Keng Tiong Alex lim_keng_tiong_alex@moe.edu.sg
113 Mr Low Khin Sin Paul low_khin_sin@moe.edu.sg
114 Mr Low Ko Hee [刘可喜] low_ko_hee@moe.edu.sg
115 Mr Mohamad Suhirman Bin Zainal mohamad_suhirman_zainal@moe.edu.sg
116 Mr Mohamed Reza B Abdul Rashid mohamed_reza_abdul_rashid@moe.edu.sg
117 Mr Mohammad Daud Teo B Mohd Anwar daud_teo@moe.edu.sg
118 Mr Muhammad Yusuf Mirza Bin M muhammad_yusuf_mirza@moe.edu.sg
119 Mr Ngiam Tee Teng ngiam_tee_teng@moe.edu.sg
120 Mr Pang Say Wak [陈才发] pang_say_wak@moe.edu.sg
121 Mr Sung Sheng Yi Kelvin sung_sheng_yi_kelvin@moe.edu.sg
122 Mr Teo Choon Meng teo_choon_meng@moe.edu.sg
123 Mr Teo Wei Loon teo_wei_loon@moe.edu.sg
124 Mr Terry Foo Siang Yong foo_siang_yong@moe.edu.sg
125 Mr Tey Ang Ay [戴鸿海] tey_ang_ay@moe.edu.sg
126 Mr Vikneswaran Selvarajoo vikneswaran_selvarajoo@moe.edu.sg
127 Mr Wong Hong Aik Allan wong_hong_aik_allan@moe.edu.sg
128 Mr Zulhelmi Bin Omar zulhelmi_bin_omar@moe.edu.sg
129 Mrs Esther Lim lian_wei_chuan_esther@moe.edu.sg
130 Mrs Francisca Tan tan_sue_may_francisca@moe.edu.sg
131 Mrs Goh Soek Fong [郭素坊] goh_soek_fong@moe.edu.sg
132 Mrs Gurung-Lee Chin Min lee_chin_min@moe.edu.sg
133 Mrs Ho- Sim Wanru Rachel sim_wanru_rachel@moe.edu.sg
134 Mrs Jenny Tan- Lian Wei Chun Jenny lian_wei_chun_jenny@moe.edu.sg
135 Mrs Kwek Lee Yook kok_lee_yook@moe.edu.sg
136 Mrs Law- Chin Wai Mun law-chin_wai_mun@moe.edu.sg
137 Mrs Lindsy Ng tan_leng_see_lindsy@moe.edu.sg
138 Mrs Loh Shwu Hwa lin-loh_shwu_hwa@moe.edu.sg
139 Mrs Lorraine Anne Alcantra lorraine_anne_alcantra@moe.edu.sg
140 Mrs Low Su Ying Elizabeth lim_su_ying_elizabeth@moe.edu.sg
141 Mrs Mimi Cheong mimi_yeo@moe.edu.sg
142 Mrs Ngoh- Poh Sze Wei poh_sze_wei@moe.edu.sg
143 Mrs Ong- Chua Li Ling Eileen chua_li_ling_eileen@moe.edu.sg
144 Mrs Ong- Pang Shi Jia Canphylia pang_shi_jia_canphylia@moe.edu.sg
145 Mrs Ong- Shen Pinxiu shen_pinxiu@moe.edu.sg
146 Mrs Poonam Singh poonam_singh@moe.edu.sg
147 Mrs Quah- Heng Yin Qi heng_yin_qi@moe.edu.sg
148 Mrs Seng- Ng Kooi Fong [黄桂芳] (FAJT) seng-ng_kooi_fong@moe.edu.sg
149 Mrs Seow Li Li (FAJT) seow_min_fook@moe.edu.sg
150 Mrs Shanti Marion Prakash shanti_marion_prakash@moe.edu.sg
151 Mrs Tan Siew Leng crayon_tan_ng@moe.edu.sg
152  Mdm Hung Huey Jing [韩惠晶]hung_huey_jing@moe.edu.sg