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Executive and Administrative Staff

S/No Name Designation Email
1 Mdm Phay Yuh-Shuang Administration Manager phay_yuh-shuang@schools.gov.sg
2 Mdm Ding Ching Ching Operations Manager ding_ching_ching@moe.edu.sg
3 Mr Ng Kok Weng Operations Manager ng_kok_weng@moe.edu.sg
4 Miss Nur Farhana Binte Salwar ICT Manager nur_farhana_salwar@moe.edu.sg
5 Mdm Hayati Amat Admin Executive hayati_amat@schools.gov.sg
6 Mdm Maisarah Abdullah
Corporate Support Officer maisarah_abdullah@moe.edu.sg
7 Mdm Natalia Sugiarto
Corporate Support Officer natalia_sugiarto@moe.edu.sg 
8 Mdm Sharon Yeo Guat Kheng
Corporate Support Officer  yeo_guat_kheng@moe.edu.sg 
9 Miss Tan Ah Cheng 
Corporate Support Officer  tan_ah_cheng@moe.edu.sg
10 Mdm Cassandra Oh Administration Assistant -
11 Mr Kway Yew Tong Operations Support Officer -
12 Mr Ng Yeow Pheng Operations Support Officer -
13  Mr Samsudin Bin Haji Rahman  Operations Support Officer
14   Mr Soh Chin Teck   Operations Support Officer  - 
15 Ms Tan Siew Hong  Operations Support Officer   - 
16 Mr Teo Hai Guan  Operations Support Officer   -
17 Mdm Teo Lay Lian  Operations Support Officer  -
18 Mr Kris Khoo Tiong Gee
Desktop Engineer (NCS) g-ncs5240pde@ncs.com.sg
19 Mr Muhammad Azmi Desktop Engineer (NCS) g-ncs5240pde@ncs.com.sg
UPDATED ON 18 February 2022