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Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Flagship

Vision / Mission
愿景: 道南学生对中华文化有更深的了解和喜爱
使命: 让学生在中华文化气息浓厚的环境中学习语文和接受文化的熏陶。
旗舰计划: 浸濡中华文化,任游海阔天空

Every Taonanite has a deep appreciation and love for Chinese Culture.

Introduce our pupils to a rich Chinese environment to enhance their learning of Chinese Language and Culture.

Flagship Programme:
Chinese Culture- Learning and Immersion for Excellence (C2-LIfE)

Key Programmes / Activities
道南特选旗舰计划让道南学生在充满中华文化气息的环境中学习,浸濡在中华文化的天地里,扎下深厚的文化根基。学校每年会欢庆农历华人新年和中秋节。我们也筹办母语双周,通过有趣的活动、比赛或互动的展览,让学生学习和使用华语,并从中了解中华文化 。



The Tao Nan SAP Flagship Programme has created opportunities to introduce our pupils to the rich Chinese culture through various Chinese-related events and programmes.

The school celebrates Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival as well as organises MTL (Mother Tongue Language) Fortnight Programme to provide platforms for pupils to actively learn the Chinese Language and Chinese culture.

Introductory lessons on Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting and Art & Craft are incorporated in the Art curriculum for P1 to P3 pupils. The focus for upper primary pupils is on imparting the essential knowledge of Chinese Culture. Activities such as Chinese Drama Day Camp and theatrical performances are organised for pupils, exposing them to the rudiments of Chinese Drama. P6 pupils have the opportunity to appreciate Chinese Tea Culture in a Teahouse. School-based Chinese Culture and History books were also published for P4 to P6 pupils.

For a group of selected pupils who have attained the language proficiency and competency, and have shown great interest in Chinese Culture, Tao Nan offers Bi-Cultural Chinese Elective Programme (BiCEP) to cater to the needs of this identified echelon.

Last but not least, we have an extensive exchange and immersion programme for our upper primary pupils to encourage out-of-classroom learning experiences and provide opportunities for exposure at the international arena. Trips to China and Taiwan provide our pupils with enriched learning experiences in a native Chinese speaking environment, strengthening their love for the Chinese Culture.