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Bicultural Chinese Elective Programme (BiCEP)


Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) launched a 3-year BiCEP in its 5 affiliated primary schools in 2007 for selected Primary 4 pupils. It was designed by a team of experienced Chinese Language teachers, in consultation with Chinese Language and culture experts to develop a core group of pupils who are effectively bilingual and bicultural.

The 3-year curriculum places strong emphasis on empowering pupils to discover their Asian heritage and nurture their interests to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and language.

Key Programmes / Activities

BiCEP Curriculum
HCL Gifted Education Programme HCL 高才教育课程高级华文
Module 1 Chinese Culture and History 中华文化
Module 2 Children's Literature Appreciation and Creative Writing 儿童文学赏析与创作
Module 3 Similarities and Differences between Chinese and English Languages 中英双语对比
Module 4 Chinese Oratorical Skill Training 口语训练

Annual Activities
  • Annual P3 Selection Tests for the intake of P4 cohorts
P4               BiCEP Quiz (SHHK 5 Affiliated Schools)
           BiCEP Oratorical Camp (SHHK 5 Affiliated Schools)
P5             Immersion Trips to Taiwan, Fujian and Xi’an
           (SHHK 5 Affiliated Schools)
P6            Graduation Ceremony (SHHK 5 Affiliated Schools)

Briefing Slides