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Student Leadership

A leader with a heart, mind and spirit

To nurture students who demonstrate the potential to become future leaders of the nation with the desired leadership qualities and skills so that they can continue to contribute to a better society

We believe that every child can be a leader and aim to provide leadership opportunities for all students. We adopt a five-level pyramidal structure to provide a different hierarchy of leadership development for our students.

Level Leadership Opportunity
Class-based leadership opportunities for all students
School-wide ambassadorship/ Service appointments (NE Ambassador, Green Activist, Health Ranger, AV Crew, Cyber Wellness Ambassador and Peer Supporters)
Junior Prefects and P2/ P3 Junior Leaders
Prefects and CCA Leaders
Prefects (Executive Committee Members)


  1. P3 Leadership Training (Basic Skills Part 1)
  2. P4 Leadership Training (Basic Skills Part 2)

Prefectorial Board
Prefects' Motto: Learn to Serve and Serve to Learn

The 2020 Prefectorial Executive Board Members are:

Designation Name
Head Prefect
Chung Chee Kit Dillon
Vice-Head Prefect
Shi Xin Yi
Vice-Head Prefect
Teia Lee En Ting
Pour Jia Xin
Training and Welfare Manager
Tan Jia Yi Claire
P4 Level Manager
Clayton Hi Shao Cong
P5 Level Manager
Lim Junzhe Xavier
P6 Level Manager
Tan Kyi Hahn, Asher

Under the leadership of our Prefect EXCO Committee and the Teacher-Advisors, our prefects support the school in many ways. They include:

  1. Conduct the Flag-Raising Ceremony
  2. Maintain class discipline during Silent-Reading Period
  3. Maintain general discipline of the school
  4. Support in major school functions
  5. Assist in the planning of selected school activities and programmes

Our Training Programmes for prefects are:

  1. Yearly Prefects’ Training Programme
  2. Prefects’ Investiture
  3. Student Suggestion Schemes - TNS Wishing Well and “My School, My Home” Project
  4. Yeoman Services to School
  5. Organising Teachers’ Day Concert
  6. Yearly Service-Learning Programme
  7. Hosting visitors to the school
  8. Organising bonding activities for Prefectorial Board
  9. Participation in external camps and competitions