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Pastoral Care

In the best interest of every child

To enhance the social and emotional well-being of each student so that he/ she experiences a sense of belonging in the school community

Pastoral Care
We take care of the social and emotional well-being of each student and develop their social-emotional competencies through our specially-designed programmes and individualised support.

Our Social-Emotional Programmes are:
  1. Form-Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)
  2. Chit-Chat Time
  3. Anti-Bullying Programme
  4. Life skills for Effective Living and Communication
  5. Peer Support Programme
  6. P4-P6 Education and Career Guidance (ECG)
  7. P5-P6 Sexuality Education
  8. P6 Secondary School Talks
  9. Time-Out Programmes

Counselling and Special Needs Support

We have a team of trained officers to see to the social-emotional, behavioural and learning needs of our student. Student can speak with our school counsellors via "Dear Counsellor" post box or drop in at the counselling room during recess or after class. Parents can also approach any of our officers for assistance.

Designation Name
School Counsellor (Full-Time) Ms Jennifer May Yin Pillay
School Counsellor (Part-Time) Mdm Susan Mah
Special Needs Officer
Ms Nur Kamila Binte Jamaludin
Mdm Siew Wei Kuan
Teacher Counsellors
Mdm Patsy Hoon (P1 - P2)
Ms Praise Teo (P3 - P4)
Mr Teo Wei Loon (P5 - P6)