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Vision / Mission

An artist in every child

To provide a stimulating and supportive environment for creative exploration, observation, experimentation and expression.


Key Programmes / Activities

Chinese Calligraphy during curriculum time 

Chinese Calligraphy during curriculum time 

Clay Relief and Chinese Craft during curriculum time

Clay Figurine during curriculum time 

Manga Art & Charcoal Drawing during curriculum time 

3D Pen-Painting During curriculum time 

Partnership and Programmes 

2021 Art Exhibitions at Marine Parade Public Library 
Our school is privileged to collaborate with the Marine parade Public library to showcase our students' work. The collaborations facilitates holistic and positive experiences for our students. It also aims to enthuse them to learn more and increase their intellectual capacity, curiosity and motivations to understand and engage with the world we live in. 

Local Artists' Series @ TNS

Art Appreciations is an integral and critical component in Art Education. With that in mind, the school initiated the Local Artists' Series to create a platform to support and bring the power of art to our children in the classroom. this collaborations with our Parents' Support Group where we enlist the help of our parent volunteers to plan and run the series. They are known to the students as the TNS Art Explorers. 

Through this series, we aim to : 

        - develop in our students an awareness and love for art from a young age,
        - introduce to them some of the local artists,
        - inspire them in art production

Portfolio of each artist is created and presented to the students. Through an engaging discussion, students are being stimulated in terms of their interest in the topic.