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Boys' Brigade

The BB Programme in Tao Nan School engages our BB Boys in outdoor and adventure activities as well as VIA projects (BB CARES and BB Share-A-Gift) that aim at developing character, leadership and team building skills in them. Through the weekly parades and camps, our BB Boys will also acquire skills and knowledge on personal mastery, global awareness and community spiritedness.

Teachers In-Charge (2022)
Email ROLE
Miss Tan Yen Ping Gina [陈燕萍] tan_yen_ping_gina@moe.edu.sg Overall IC
Mr Dominic Nyi Nyi Htut dominic_nyi_nyi_htut@moe.edu.sg  
Mdm Han Huiwen Adeline han_huiwen_adeline@moe.edu.sg  
Mrs Mimi Cheong mimi_yeo@moe.edu.sg