Wushu forms part of the cultural heritage of China. It uses natural, aesthetic movements to exhibit traditional martial arts techniques. Its rich content, style, speed, meticulous attention to detail and level of difficulty ensure it to be one of the most exciting and dynamic forms of martial arts.

The trainings aim to improve whole-body fitness and traditional stance training improves strength, stamina and flexibility, whilst speed, control and balance are developed through repetitive movements that include kicking and open hand techniques.

Schedule of CCA Days
Day Time Level Venue
Monday  1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.  School Team School Hall 
Friday  School Team

Teachers In-Charge (2020)
Name  Email Address
Madam Wu Yun (Overall IC) wu_yun@moe.edu.sg
Madam Wendy Looi  looi_yen_mei_wendy@moe.edu.sg
Madam Clare Li Xunzi  clare_li_xunzi@moe.edu.sg
Madam Lee Chin Min  lee_chin_min@moe.edu.sg
Ms Chee Pey Yi chee_pey_yi@moe.edu.sg
Madam Soo Pei Chih  soo_pei_chih@moe.edu.sg