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Tao Nan School Badminton consists of School Teams and CCA members.

The School Teams will have the opportunity to represent the school at team competitions and individual tournaments respectively. As for the P3 to P6 CCA members, our weekly sessions are purely recreational by nature though all relevant badminton skills are imparted at the sessions as well.

Teachers In-Charge (2022):
Email ROLE
Mdm Phua Mei Yan [潘美燕] phua_mei_yan@moe.edu.sg Overall IC
Miss Ng Lay Kuan ng_lay_kuan_a@moe.edu.sg Overall 2IC
Mdm Hung Huey Jing [韩惠晶] hung_huey_jing@moe.edu.sg Overall 2IC
Mr Chan Yi Jun James james_chan_yi_jun@moe.edu.sg  
Miss Teo Ruolan Lauren [张若岚] teo_ruolan_lauren@moe.edu.sg  
Miss Yeo Tyze Feng [杨芝芬] yeo_tyze_feng@moe.edu.sg  
Mr Low Khin Sin Paul low_khin_sin@moe.edu.sg  
Mdm Tan Su Ling Violet tan_su_ling_violet@moe.edu.sg