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Tao Nan School Guzheng Club was established as a CCA in year 1999. It has grown from its initial few members to its current strength of more than 60 members, ranging from Primary 1 pupils right up to Primary 6 pupils. Our pupils are coached by professionals who are patient, inspiring and motivating. The current instructor has been coaching the pupils for the past 5 years. Through well-facilitated and regular group practice sessions, members gain important and beneficial life skills such as precision, perseverance, team co-operation and responsibility.

The vision of the Guzheng Club is to promote appreciation for Chinese musical pieces and Chinese culture among our pupils through the mastering of the instrument, Guzheng, which is one of the oldest Chinese instruments of China.

Schedule of CCA Days
Monday 1.30pm to 3.30pm P2 to P6 D5-01

Teachers In-Charge (2019)
Mdm Liu Ying (I/C)
Mdm Soh Shihui
Mdm Ang Sio Hoon
Mdm Ma Lin