Tao Nan School Choir comprises members from Primary 1 to 6 who display a keen interest in singing and enjoy stage performances tremendously. Our practices include learning a wide variety of songs in many languages and of different genres. We also learn the correct breathing techniques for singing and acquire confidence in stage performances..

  1. Develop our members’ love for choral singing to the fullest so that they will continue with choral singing for years to come; 
  2. Help our members become confident, disciplined and responsible students who have good collaborative skills.                                                         

We had the honour of performing at the Istana for the Singapore Bicentennial and at the Victoria Concert Hall for a combined schools' concert last year. We are looking forward to performing at SYF 2020 Arts Presentation for Choirs this year.                                                
Schedule of CCA Days
Monday 1.30pm to 2.30pm P1 to P2 B1-07
1.30pm to 3.30pm P3 to P6 B1-09

Teachers In-Charge(2020) 
Name  Email Address
Ms Heng Yin Qi Shermaine (Overall IC) 
Ms Praise Teo Hwee Leng (2nd IC)
Madam Lian Wei Chun Jenny 
Madam Hoon Poh Nguak Patsy 
Ms Meitri Parikh 
Ms Thong Jia Sui Jessica