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Chinese Dance

The vision of the Chinese Dance Club is to nurture the love for dance as a performing art since young, to instil perseverance and responsibility in our dancers through weekly practices.

Our Chinese Dance Club has achieved excellent results at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation. These achievements have motivated us to continue in upholding our dancers' passion for dance through performances and exposing them to various types of dancing styles.

Schedule of CCA Days
Day Time Level Venue
Monday  1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.  P1-3 B1 - 11
P3-6 B1 - 12

Teachers In-Charge (2020)
Name  Email Address
Madam Feng Jie (Overall IC)  feng_jie@moe.edu.sg
Madam June Tan Chiew Yen tan_chiew_yen@moe.edu.sg
Madam Cheah Li Wei  cheah_li_wei@moe.edu.sg
Madam Tan Li Shih tan_li_shih@moe.edu.sg