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Infocomm Club

The Infocomm Club’s programme offers pupils an exciting 3-year journey into Digital Media.

Under the guidance of our teachers, pupils will learn:
  • Photo-Editing
  • Video-Editing
  • Comic Making
  • Simple 3D Design
  • Simple Programming
  • Enhanced Microsoft Office Skills
The Club aims to excite pupils about information and communication in a fun and meaningful way through learning relevant and new ICT skills. Through the club’s activities, pupils can appreciate technology, apply their skills creatively and communicate their ideas effectively with multimedia. The club also aims to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities among its members.

The weekly sessions promote interaction and creativity among pupils as they share and brainstorm for ideas to create their unique pieces of multimedia work. Members not only learn useful ICT skills but also forge stronger bonds among peers as they work together on different tasks.

Schedule of CCA Days 
Monday 1.30pm to 3.30pm P6 A3-07
Teachers In-Charge (2019)
Mr Muhammad Yusuf Mirza Bin M (I/C)