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Principal's Message








Welcome back, Taonanites! I believe that you have all had a fulfilling and enriching school break during the September holidays and are all set to continue to work hard and give of your best in a short Term 4, both in your attitude towards learning as well as in the display of exemplary character.

In this final term of the academic year, I hope that all of you will be conscientious in your work and prepare early for the End-of-Year SA. For all students, do take good care of yourselves in terms of your health and wellbeing during this period so that you can be in the best state of physical and mental health to take on whatever challenges ahead of you. Remember to have confidence in yourselves and to stay focused during this term. Given the collective efforts of both teachers and students through the course of the year, I trust that you will achieve what you have planned to achieve for 2019

Principal, Tao Nan School
Dr Chin Kim Woon