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Badminton Talent Development and Differential Programme

The Badminton Talent Development and Differential Programme aims to achieve sports excellence as part of an overall approach to provide a holistic education for our pupils. Beyond sporting excellence, the programme also emphasises character development, developing confident and resilient pupils imbued with sound values and love for the school and nation.

The school takes a two-pronged approach to cater to the different needs, talents and interests of our pupils so that there are adequate opportunities for exposure in Badminton.

  • The Badminton Talent Development Programme is a structured talent identification and development programme that aims to develop a core group of players to their fullest potential and promote excellence in badminton, achieving accolades for their performance in school, zonal and national levels.
  • The Badminton Differential Programme promotes broad-based, lifelong participation in sports through exposure to badminton and tiered developmental opportunities, providing a platform for pupils who love badminton to hone their skills.