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Chinese Orchestra

The vision of the Chinese Orchestra is to promote an appreciation for Chinese music and develop a better understanding and respect for the Chinese culture through the mastering of one of the many Chinese instruments of China. We also aim to nurture the love of music as a performing art in our members since young.

Through regular group practice sessions, members are given the opportunity to gain important and beneficial life skills such as precision, perseverance and responsibility. As members become more competent in playing their instruments, the introduction of orchestral playing will help to build the pupils' self-confidence and also allow them to learn the importance of group cohesion and team cooperation.

In addition to the weekly practices, pupils are also given opportunities to perform and hone their skills through experiential performances both within and outside the school.

Schedule of CCA Days
Monday & Friday 1.30pm to 3.30pm Erhu D6-02, C6-01, C6-02, C6-03 &
Monday & Friday 1.30pm to 3.30pm Combined Practice C6-01, C6-02,
C6-03 & C6-04
YangQin & Dizi
Friday 1.30pm to 3.30pm Sheng/Suona & Percussion

Teachers In-Charge (2017)
Ms Tai Chi Hui (I/C)
Miss Yee Rui Tian Marissa (2nd I/C)
Ms Ng Lui Kiang
Ms Goh Lay Kian
Mrs Low-Chow Yuen Meng Jaclyn
Mdm Yang Xiaojuan
Mdm Lai Meiyu Geraldine
Mr Cher Boon Kiat Augustine
Mdm Lee Seok Joo