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School Philosophy and Core Values

In Tao Nan, every staff and pupil makes a difference.
We believe:

  • Every child has the capacity to learn and each learns differently.
  • Every success and failure delivers a lesson.
  • In instilling good values and cultivating proper habits and the ways towards building a gracious society.
  • The holistic development of our pupils is important.
  • Effective learning takes place in a happy and nurturing environment.
  • Learning must be meaningful for it to be internalised.

We pledge to:

  • Be pupil-centric in our teaching and learning to ensure that every child learns effectively.
  • Help every pupil learn from the mistakes they have made to achieve greater success.
  • Be good role models for our pupils in instilling good values and cultivating proper habits.
  • Provide a holistic education for our pupils in the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic domains.
  • Create a happy and nurturing environment for effective learning.
  • Deliver interesting and meaningful lessons to ensure quality learning for our pupils.

Love 仁爱
Respect 尊重
Integrity 正直
Sincerity 诚恳
Perseverance 毅力
Responsibility 尽责