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Principal's Message

Dr Chin Kim Woon term2_principal_header.jpg

渡过了一个充实又难忘的三月假期, 我们又回到了温馨的马林百列校园。 我希望同学能珍惜校园的一切,学会“饮水思源”,努力学习来回报目前所享有的一切。


第二学段开始了,这是一个忙碌的学段。除了各项体育,表演艺术及学术竞赛,同学还得面对口试及年中考试的挑战。如果好好安排时间,上课学会做到“专心”,做作业时“细心”,温习时“用心”, 并且持之以恒,坚持不放弃,“先苦后甜”,大家一定能够很好地应付多方面的挑战。


Having enjoyed a fulfilling and memorable March holidays, we are back at our school campus in Marine Crescent. I hope you will appreciate what the school has been providing for you and work hard to repay your teachers and parents for what you have been given.

I have always emphasized on the need to start right as a good start is already half the battle won. If you can keep these in mind and spur yourself accordingly, you will be able to accomplish much in your pursuit in life.

Term 2 has begun and as usual, it will be a busy term. Besides being involved in the various academic, sporting and performing arts events or competitions, you have to prepare for the oral and mid-year examinations. I believe that with good time management and the strive to remain attentive in class, being meticulous in the written assignments, staying focused during revision and exhibiting grit and perseverance, you will be able to breeze through the challenges ahead of you.

Dr Chin Kim Woon