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Principal's Message


2018年开始了,我们又回到了温馨的道南,我们又能够见到自己可爱友善的同学、亲切温和的老师及校长, 我们又可以在一起快快乐乐的运动游戏及认真专心的读书学习!



在新的一年,我们希望同学能够学会做到 “爱学习,学会爱”。同学上课不只要学会做到“专心”,做作业时要“细心”,温习功课时要“用心”, 我们更希望同学学会做到“爱学习”, 因为只有热爱学习, 才能真正做到“专心”、“细心”及“用心”。此外,我们也希望同学“学会爱”,不单单学会爱护自己,更要学会去爱护同学、爱护学校、爱护父母,爱护环境及爱护国家,将来成为社会的支柱,国家的栋梁!


A brand new year has started and we return to Tao Nan School, a place we call our home. Once again, we can meet up with our adorable and friendly classmates, amiable teachers and principal. Together, we can participate happily in sports and games, yet at the same time, adopting a serious attitude towards our studies and in learning!

This is our second year operating at single session. As everyone is now in the morning session, I hope that you can continue to show respect, care for your peers and share the school’ limited resources, to help and support schoolmates who are younger or smaller than you. In this way, Tao Nan School can be a place filled with love and warmth.

During the first few days of school, I am pleased to observe that you are polite and honest. Some of your peers have been returning items or money that they found to the General Office. This act of honesty is one of the core values that the school wishes to inculcate in all our students. The school discipline in general is good and I would like to encourage you to continue to exhibit the six school core values in your actions and behavior.

In this new school year, we hope that you will strive to achieve our school vision which is to ‘love to learn and learn to love’. When you ‘love to learn’, your passion for learning will naturally lead to a desire to pay attention in class, be meticulous in your assignments and stay focussed when you revise what you have learnt. In addition, we also hope that you ‘learn to love’. You should not only love yourself, but also to love your schoolmates, school, parents, environment and country. Only then, will you be able to play your part as future pillars of the nation.

Dr Chin Kim Woon