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Principal's Message

Dr Chin Kim Woon term3_principal_header.jpg



我们也希望同学能够继续做到“三心”上课 专心 ,做作业 用心 ,温习功课 细心 ”, 把学习当作重要任务,更要把“仁爱、尊重、正直、诚恳、毅力及尽责”铭记在心,身体力行,这样才能成为一个品学兼备的道南学子。




Having enjoyed a joyful, fulfilling and unforgettable June holidays, we are back in school, fully charged for the new term.

My heartiest congratulations to all students who have achieved excellence in both the academic and/or non-academic domains in the last semester. However, it is more important that our students are exemplary in their conduct as that is the way to bring glory to the school.

As for our Primary 6 pupils, time flies and half the year has already passed. In preparation for your PSLE, we have planned and arranged for Prelims which will commence in late July. We hope that you will seize the day, work closely with your teachers, persevere with confidence and courage to face the challenges ahead. By paying attention in class, taking pride in your work, conscientiously revising your work and bearing in mind the 6 school values of love, respect, integrity, sincerity, perseverance and responsibility, we strongly believe that you will be a well-rounded Taonanite.

Dr Chin Kim Woon